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President Director Greeting

Dear Respected Shareholders and Stakeholders,

Thank you for the trust and support given to PT PP Properti Tbk to continue our contribution on developing the business of providing and managing mix-use of residential areas, shopping malls and hotels.

PT PP Properti Tbk created a tagline called Beyond Space that connects Space – Innovation – Solution relationship into a solid concept. We built property products with a Space concept that can accommodate the consumer needs of lifestyle supply such as food and beverages. It also has close access to various destinations, education institutions and health services, and daily needs facilities. Our Innovation concept carries out to fulfil the health, technological, and psychological needs of residents and visitors. We develop products and businesses that are environmentally friendly. Furthermore, we utilize an online connectivity infrastructure to create a current Solution and always paying attention to generate a great atmosphere that can indulge the five senses.


At this moment, PT PP Properti Tbk has currently completed eight residential projects, owns and operates three shopping malls, and five hotels. We have ongoing mix-use and other residential projects in 12 locations. The residential handover planned at the end of 2020 for seven towers located in Depok, Serpong, Surabaya, Malang and Semarang. To increase the portion of recurring income, we have also completed the construction of Lagoon Avenue Mall Sungkono and Kidzania in Surabaya, which planned to start operating in December 2020.


It is a fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected market behaviour, in particular business conditions as a whole. As Indonesia now is in the transition state of Pembatasan Social Berskala Besar (PSBB) or Large-Scale Social Restrictions and with optimism on the usage of vaccine, we hope that this can arouse market movements and increase community activity. By applying the health protocols, we are continue to fulfil the market needs of entertainment, residential comfort, and a hygienic lifestyle in a healthy and safe environment that reflected on the design of PT Properti Tbk products, including landed houses.


We take an active role in preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus by disinfecting the work environment and property regularly, including at ongoing projects. PT PP Properti Tbk disinfecting the residents housing complex and provides hand washing facilities around the workplace, as well as, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suit for medical personnel or any residents who need it. Last but not least, we also provide basic food needs for the pre-workers.


The Board of Directors would like to thank all the residents, tenants, hotel guests, visitors and all customers, as well as to shareholders, for the support given to PT PP Properti Tbk. Our highest appreciation for employees who have been practicing the values of AKHLAK (Amanah – Trustworthy, Kompeten – Competent, Harmonis – Harmonious, Loyal – Loyal, Adaptif – Adaptive, Kolaboratif – Collaborative) and competencies that contribute to the success of PT PP Properti Tbk. We will continue working through this pandemic time by implementing health protocols and the PSBB regulations. Together, we build and serve for advanced Indonesia.

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