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Sinur Linda Gustina M

Build and Serve for Indonesia

Dear Shareholders and Stakeholders,

Thank you for the trust and support given to PT PP Properti Tbk that allow us to continue developing the business of providing and managing residential areas, shopping centres, edutainment and hotels.

As part of our event activities in December 2020, PT PP Properti Tbk, with the ticker PPRO, carried out a virtual Public Expose last December 3, 2020. On December 12, 2020, we also celebrated the 7th anniversary. We express our gratitude by visiting and donate to the Rawinala and Tresna Werdha Orphanages. We also share donation to the residents around the PPRO business location. We held a simple celebration at Grand Kamala Lagoon - Bekasi while implementing health protocols. During the to PPRO's anniversary, we also inaugurated the launch of Lagoon Avenue Sungkono and Kidzania lifestyle malls that locates in the Grand Sungkono Lagoon area of Surabaya. The handover of the residential project has been taking place since December 2020 for seven towers in Depok, Serpong, Surabaya, Malang and Semarang.

To support our performance achievement, we started the recycling assets process on adapting the company's portfolio to the market conditions. At the end of 2020, we have also done shares divestment on the office-business, that will continue as part of our 2021 work plan.

On the first semester of 2021, PPRO aims to manage the portfolio strategies, while continuing the market development and market penetration on the second semester. It is PPRO's corporate strategy to achieve our performance. Product remodelling to provide adaptive products carries out to adjust the market behaviour. Our highlights of PPRO products and services in the coming 2021 include developing the landed house projects, completing the under-construction area, and opening a new hotel at Lombok.

We improved the information and technology functions to create a lean organization and innovations to support the production and service process. Human resource development will also play a part in human capital activities on keeping the sustainability of products and services. This development process will continue to adapt following the Covid-19 pandemic situation while implementing a lifestyle concept that meets Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environment (CHSE) regulations. In increasing the business activity, PPRO is also trying to restructure our funding.

The Board of Directors would like to thank the entire resident owners, tenants, hotel guests, visitors, consultants, contractors, suppliers, press media and all customers, together with our shareholders and stakeholders for supporting PT PP Properti Tbk. We also like to convey our highest appreciation to the employees on continuing to work and upholding AKHLAK (Amanah - Kompeten - Harmonis - Loyal - Adaptif - Kolaboratif) values; while continuously providing competencies that contribute to the success of PT PP Properti Tbk.

Have fun celebrating Christmas season and may we always be in peace.
Happy work and achieve new success in 2021.
Together, we always adhere to health protocols.

Best Regards,

Sinur Linda Gustina M


Be the sustainable national scale developer with global competitiveness.


  • Develop excellent realty and property products to provide comfort to consumers
  • Committed to provide a healthy environment
  • Increase the contribution for the parent company by developing and aligning corporate strategy
  • Strengthen strategic cooperation with PP Properti’s partner
  • Carry out skillful human resources as well as increasing employee’s welfare

Business diversification by establishing the UNK (Usaha Non Konstruksi), comprising Developer Unit and Property Unit.
Business diversification by establishing the UNK (Usaha Non Konstruksi) comprising Developer Unit and Property Unit.


Changed UNK Branch to UNK Unit with BOD Decree No. 25/Kpts/ Dir /1995.
Completed projects: Permata Puri Laguna, Bukit Permata Puri I Semarang, Laguna Sport Center and Puri Permata II.


Restructured The UNK Unit under Business Development Division (DVB).
Restructuring UNK Unit under Business Development Division (DVB).


Developed UNK Unit to The Division of Property that focuses on 3 segments (Hotel, Residential, & Commercial).
Completed projects: Park Hotel Cawang Jakarta, Park Hotel Bandung, FX Residence, Graha Bukopin Surabaya and Grand Soho Slipi.


Changed its status to property division.
Completed projects: Grand Slipi Tower | Park Hotel Bandung | Sungkono Business Park


Started to Prepare IPO (Initial Public Offering).
Completed projects: Gunung Putri Square | Pekan Baru Permai | Pavilion Permata II | Payon Amartha


Changed its status to PT. PP Properti, a subsidiary of PT. PP (Persero) Tbk. Completed projects: Grand Kamala Lagoon | Grand Sungkono Lagoon | Pavilion Permata II


Became IPO (Initial Public Offering) in the first semester of 2015.
Completed projects: The Ayoma | Grand Dharmahusada Lagoon


Indonesia Property & Bank Award 2014

“Pembangungan konsep Mixed Used Terbaik di Kota Bekasi” – Proyek Grand Kamala Lagoon

Indonesia Property & Bank Award 2014

"Pengembang BUMN Agresif dan Fenomenal"

Ray White Darmo Award 2014

“Desain Rumah Toko dan Konsep Inovasi Terbaik”

Initiator and Organizer of the Largest Painting Creation 2014

Untuk Pavilion Permata Apartment dari Museum Rekor Indonesia (MURI)

The Extraordinary Project 2015

Dengan prestasi volume penjualan sebesar 17 miliar rupiah untuk Grand Sungkono Lagoon dari PRO/MAX

The First Super Block with a Green Concept in Surabaya 2014

Untuk Grand Sungkono Lagoon dari Residence Indonesia.

BTN Property Award 2015

"Developer dengan Kontribusi Terbaik"

Piagam Penghargaan Museum Rekor Dunia Indonesia 2015

"Pengembang yang Menyisakan lebih 40% Lahan untuk Kepentingan Konservasi"

BCI Award

"Top Ten Developers 2015"

BTN Property Awards 2016

"Kategori pengembang dengan kontribusi terbaik kredit komersial tingkat nasional"

BTN Property Awards 2016

"Kategori pengembang dengan kontribusi terbaik kredit komersial tingkat nasional"

Yuk Nabung Saham Goes to Campus

"Sebagai salah satu dari 40 Emiten terbaik pilihan Analis tahun 2016"

The IDX Best Blue 2016

"for the best IDS listed stocks in terms of value"

Consumer Choice to Grand Dharmahusada Lagoon

"The Most Preferred Apartment in Surabaya 300 - 800 MIO"

Consumer Choice to Gunung Putri Square

"The Most Popular Apartment in Cibubur > 300 MIO"

Consumer Choice to Evenciio Apartment

"The Most Popular Apartment in Depok 300 - 800 mio"

Consumer Choice to Riverview

"The Most Preferred Apartment in Cikarang Karawang < 300 MIO"

Consumer Choice to Grand Kamala Lagoon

"The Most Popular Apartment in Bekasi 800 MIO - 1,5 BIO" & "The Most Preferred Apartment in Bekasi 800 mio - 1,5 BIO"

Consumer Choice Awards to Paladian Park

"The Most Preferred Apartment in North Jakarta 800 MIO - 1,5 BIO"

Indonesia Most Creative Companies 2017 by SWA

"Indonesia Most Creative Companies 2017"

Top Ten Developers 2017 BCI Asia

"Top Ten Developers 2017 Indonesia"

The Most Creative Real Estate in Surabaya for Grand Shamaya

"The Most Creative Real Estate in Surabaya"

The Most Creative BUMN Developer for PT PP Properti Tbk

"The Most Creative BUMN Developer"

Koran Sindo awards for The Ayoma Serpong

"Ide Inovasi Prospektif - Test Living"

BTN Golden Property Awards 2017 for PT PP Properti Tbk

"PT PP Properti Tbk sebagai Pengembang KYG (Kredit Yasa Griya) Non Subsidi Terbaik"

BTN Golden Property Awards 2017 for PT PP Properti Tbk

"Best State-Owned Enterprise and Subsidiaries in Property Business, Excellence: Sustainability Development"

BTN Golden Property Awards 2017 for Grand Sungkono Lagoon

"Grand Sungkono Lagoon Best Urban Living Apartment, Region: Surabaya"

BTN Golden Property Awards 2017 for Grand Kamala Lagoon

"Grand Kamala Lagoon Best Urban Living Apartment, Region: Bekasi"

Most Innovative Business Award 2018 PT PP PROPERTI Tbk

"Excellent Company for Product in Property and Real Estate dalam acara, Category Property and Real Estate oleh Warta Ekonomi"

Indonesia Property Award 2018 PRIME PARK Hotel Bandung

"Top Marketing Communications in Hotels & Resorts Category dalam acara oleh Warta Ekonomi"

BCI Asia Awards 2018 PT PP PROPERTI Tbk

"Top 10 Developers in Indonesia 2018"

Real Estate Awards

"Verdura sebagai The Most Preferred Apartment in Sentul < 1 BIO"

Real Estate Awards

"Grand Kamala Lagoon sebagai The Best Apartment in Bekasi > 1 BIO"

The Winner Property 2018 Gunung Putri Square

"Best Developer in Living Concept"

Most Admired Companies Award 2018 PT PP Properti (Tbk)

"Most Admired Company, Kategori Property oleh Warta Ekonomi"

Asia Pacific STEVIE AWARDS 2018

"The Ayoma Innovation in Marketing untuk Test-Living"

Properti Indonesia Award 2018 PT PP Properti Tbk

"The Commended State Owned Enterprise Developer"

Stevie Awards 2019 - Evenciio

"Gold Stevie Winner Award – Innovation Consumer Products and Services for Drugs Prevention, First in Indonesia and the World"

BCI Asia Awards 2019

"Top 10 Developers in Indonesia 2019"

Asia Pacific Property Awards 2019 - Grand Shamaya

"Best Residential High Rise Development"

Asia Pacific Property Awards 2019 - Grand Kamala Lagoon

"Best Mixed-Use Development"

Real Estate Award 2019 - Evenciio Apartment Margonda

"The Most Preferred Property in Depok"

Realestate Creative Awards 2019 - Grand Shamaya

"The Best Concept Apartment in Eastern Indonesia"

Properti Indonesia Award 2019 - Grand Shamaya

"The Highly Commended Premium Condominium Development in Surabaya"

Properti Indonesia Award 2019 - Grand Sagara

"The Prospective Apartment Development in Surabaya"

Indonesia Properti Expo 2019

“Juara 1 Pengembang Terbaik kategori Izin Prinsip KPR/KPA terbanyak November 2019"

Indonesia Properti Expo

"Juara 1 Pengembang Terbaik kategori Izin Prinsip KPR/KPA Terbanyak Agustus 2019"


"Juara 1 Penilaian Bisnis Ekselen Anak Perusahaan"


"Juara 2 Ide Kreatif - Marketing System Tracker (MASYTA)"


"The Best Team Anak Perusahaan"


"Juara 1 Buku Karya Umum - Keybook PP Properti Design Guideline"


"Juara 1 Inovasi Manajemen Office - Riverview Sales Performance Apps"
Board of
Board of