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I. Basic Principles of Procurement

• Efisien
• Effective
• Open and competitive
• Transparent
• Fair / Non-discriminatory
• Accountable

II. Procurement Ethics

The company’s reference in carrying out relationships with vendors is the Code of Ethics and Company Behavior, which is further explained in the Company’s Ethics of Goods and Services Providers. The company acts fairly in providing equal opportunities to all vendors who have the same qualifications without discrimination. This vendor selection is based on free competition, where vendors are free to take part in the qualification process held by the Company.
The company supports the efforts of all parties in creating a healthy business climate, free from Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism (KKN).

III. Procurement Guarantee

• Jaminan Uang Muka
• Implementation Guarantee
• Maintenance Guarantee

IV. Mechanism of the auction process:

1. Procurement of goods / services with direct appointment
Based on the Vendor Requirement Plan List, the procurement officer directly appoints the vendor who meets the prequalification, which is done if:

  • There are work items and / or other construction / service providers who have previously done the PT PP Properti project (repeat order)
  • Procurement of other construction / service providers affiliated with PT PP Properti where the deviation of the contract value is a maximum of 10% from OE ( Owner Estimated ) and meets the requirements / qualifications
  • Direct appointment is done by negotiating both technical and price so that the price is in accordance with the market price and / or the applicable Budget / RAP and can be technically accountable.
  • Criteria for providers of construction / other services that are of a special nature that allow direct appointment

2. Procurement of Goods / Services with Direct Selection

  • Based on the Vendor Requirement Plan List, procurement officers conduct a market price survey by comparing a minimum of 2 (two) prequalification vendors
  • The procurement officer receives a Price Bid Letter along with supporting documents from the designated vendors, then compares the price of the vendor offer with the price of OE ( Owner Estimated)
  • The contract value for the direct selection method is not limited

V. Job Handover and Payment

  1. The service provider submits the progress report of the work accompanied by a supporting attachment to the recipient of the service. Then the work will be checked by the recipient of the service.
  2. The results of the examination of the work are set out in the Field Events which are signed by both parties.
  3. After the work is completed 100% (one hundred percent), then the First Handover is carried out which is stated with the First Handover Report (BAST I), and is valid since it was signed in full by both parties.
  4. When the maintenance period has been completed and the defect has been repaired (if any), the Second Handover is made with the issuance of the Second Handover Ceremony (BAST II) and is effective since the signing of both parties
  5. The service provider will make Payment Minutes based on the Field Minutes. Then, the recipient will carry out payments based on the Minutes of Payment signed by both parties, and attaching:

• SPK dan Kontrak
• Kuitansi/Invoice
• Faktur Pajak
• Berita Acara Lapangan
• Berita Acara Pembayaran
• Berita Acara Serah Terima Pertama
• Berita Acara Serah Terima Kedua

VI. Handover of Goods and Payment

  1. In carrying out procurement and delivery of goods, goods providers must place officers who have expertise in the field of quality control, quantity surveyors, HSE (Occupational Health and Environmental Safety), who are responsible for the delivery of goods at the location.
  2. The goods provider must deliver notification to the authorized parties and obtain all licenses and permits needed for the implementation of procurement and delivery of goods, and pay all fees in accordance with applicable provisions.
  3. If the supplier of goods is proven to send goods not in accordance with the provisions of the Contract, the goods provider must bring new and in accordance with the provisions in the Contract no later than 2 (two) calendar days from the date known by the recipient of the goods and all costs arising from this is the responsibility of the supplier.
  4. The delivery of goods is equipped with the original Road Certificate issued by the goods provider and signed by the officer representing the provider and recipient of the goods.
  5. The goods provider submits a bill to the recipient of the goods by attaching the following:

• SPK dan Kontrak
• Kuitansi
• Surat Jalan
• Faktur Pajak
• Berita Acara Penyerahan Barang
• Berita Acara Pembayaran
• Copy Kontrak (SPJB) dan Surat PO