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Comemmorating PPRO’s 9th Anniversary, PP Properti Holds All “9” Promos and Various Interesting Activities

Jakarta, 14th December 2022 – PT PP Properti Tbk (Stock Code: PPRO) was holding a series of activities in purpose of celebrating 9th Anniversary (HUT) of PT PP Properti Tbk. Several activities were held at Wisma Subiyanto Building and PPRO’s projects, namely Lagoon Avenue Mall Bekasi and Lagoon Avenue Mall Sungkono Surabaya, with the peak of the event taking place at Lagoon Avenue Mall Bekasi on December 12, 2022.

One of the annual programs routinely held in the context of celebrating PPRO’s birthday is blood donation activity which was held on 9th December 2022 at Wisma Subiyanto Plaza PP Auditorium. The activity which was attended by all PP employees (including workers of PP Subsidiaries) and could be joined by public managed to collect 106 blood bags of 140 resigrants. This program is implemented as a form of PPRO’s care and concern for public health.

Apart from blood donation activities, two other celebrations were held from 8-12 December 2022 located in two PPRO projects, Lagoon Avenue Mall Bekasi and Lagoon Avenue Mall Sungkono Surabaya. The series of events consisted of CEO Talk – BOD x Leaders filled by PPRO board of directors, performances, talent shows and competitions. PPRO EXPO exhibition was also presented with the purpose of introducing PPRO products and make it more notorious to people. The event was closed with the 2022 PPRO Award as an award event given by Board of Directors to PPRO projects.

About PT PP Properti Tbk :

PT PP Properti Tbk (stock code: PPRO) is a BUMN subsidiary of PT PP (Persero) Tbk (stock code: PTPP). The Company was established in December 2013, but has had experience since 1991 and the Company has now been a listing company on the Indonesia Stock Exchange since May 2015. In 2017, the Company split its share value from Rp. 100 (one hundred rupiah) to Rp. 25 (twenty five rupiah). The Company has 3 (three) business segments, namely Residential, Commercial and Hospitality. Since 1991 until now The company developed around 53 projects including 35 Residential, 12 Mall & Edutaiment, and 6 Hospitality.

For further information, please contact:
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