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Routine Fogging and Pest Control Activities in the Mahakam Tower Environment

The Riverview Residence Tower Mahakam Apartment has begun to be handed over and occupied. To anticipate the development of Dengue (Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever), the management carried out fogging activities to eradicate the spread of dengue mosquitoes.

Tower Mahakam Apartment stands on ± 6000m² of land, and most of it has not been built, so this fogging activity is necessary so that areas that are suspected to have the potential to become a nest of dengue mosquitoes can be minimized.

Apart from fogging, the Management together with Building Management also carry out PES control and cold fogging activities.

This activity is carried out routinely as part of the prevention of pests and diseases caused by insects or other animals. This is a form of implementation of the company’s mission in providing comfort and health for its residents.

This fogging activity was initiated in collaboration with the Mahakam Tower Management Building.