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Prevention of Covid-19 in the Marketing Gallery Area of the Riverview Residence Apartment

According to instructions from the government and companies regarding the covid-19 outbreak, PP Properti has instructed all projects and related parties to be responsive in dealing with and detecting this covid-19 outbreak.

SOPs that apply at the Marketing Gallery Riverview Residences Employees or guests who will enter the Marketing Gallery must check the temperature using a Thermal Gun.

The function of the Thermal gun is to find out the temperature of employees and guests in anticipation that if an employee or guest has a temperature above 37.5 ° C, it is advisable to go home or the employee will fill out a screening sheet.

In addition, a hand sanitizer is provided which can be used to sterilize the hands of residents or employees in the Marketing Gallery. Spraying of disinfectant was also carried out in all areas of the lobby, meeting rooms, office rooms and other areas. And do not forget the mandatory application of other health protocols such as the use of masks and rubber gloves for cleaners and security officers.